Month: January 2023

  • 8870 Glossary

    Term Description AG Output ALME Asynchronous Line Multiplexer Extended. LFI 1819-xx (legacy PSP), 1882-xx (PSR) BA80 VDU that supports two windows (second window is assigned to a slave channel). Has a 15 pin V24 and several SAS connections (one used for keyboard) BASIC Primary programming language for the 8870. TAMOS and many of the system […]

  • Entering DAP4 keyboard parameters

    If the terminal is old, there’s a good chance the lithium backup battery has failed and the NVR (non volatile RAM) will have lost it’s settings that dictates the communication interface speed – without this parameter the VDU cannot load it’s workstation program from the host computer, so the DAP4 will just sit there and […]

  • DAP4

    The DAP4 was probably one of the most popular of the VDUs that were connected to the 8870/Quattro machine. It had an inbuilt smudge grill guard on the front that can be be easily removed on the later version of the case; put your finger nails between the light grey and the dark grey frame […]

  • It all starts coming back

    Whilst I’ve been going though all the data that needs to be migrated to the new site it’s become apparent just how much I’ve forgotten, but I’ve also been surprised how much I’ve remembered. Whilst writing some of the texts it seems like only yesterday when I was living and breathing this technology on a […]