Month: January 2023

  • TC550 Memory Datasheet

    The TC550 is a 256 word by 4 bit memory and two of these memories are usually found inside a DAP4 CPU board 1528-xx. They are extremely low power CMOS memories and as such are used as NVR (None-Volatile RAM) by the CPU board to store user changeable configuration data.

  • 8870 Plate

    The 8870/Quattro computer system houses a variety of boards or plates. They are have a uniform height and width and usually encased with a metal frame and aluminium side panels. One or more plates can be fixed together to make larger modules and one or more of the plates may have an LFI plaque affixed.…

  • LFI List

    Everything in a Nixdorf machine has an LFI plate stamped or stuck on it; basically a unique part number. This list will give the main LFI numbers for 8870/Quattro machines and those for any other machines I’ve discovered. 1526-xx 8890 DAP4 VDU CPU Processor 16K RAM 1528-01 8870 DAP4 VDU CPU Processor 16K RAM 1528-03…

  • AY-3-1015 Datasheet

    The AY-3-1015 is a Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transceiver IC (UART) and controls the data communication between the ALME channel and the connected device. 1882-00 and 1882-01 ALME