Month: January 2023

  • DAP3

    You will find technical information for the DAP3 in the Model 1 Technical Reference manual I have available in the download section of this site.

  • DAP4 and country specific changes

    Depending on the origin country and your operating system you may encounter issues when using DAP4s (or BA80s) in your own country. The DAP4 I have originated in the UK, it’s keyboard came from Germany as did the version of NIROS that I’m using and this means that some of the keys on the keyboard […]

  • NIROS – Nixdorf Interactive Real-time Operating System versions

    The picture on the left is a BA80 display showing the NIROS EX 3.3 log-on screen. The first version of NIROS that I can find any record of is 3.3 (not EX 3.3 just plain NIROS 3.3) and was the first version I used. Over the years, it went through many enhancements and updates. I’ve listed […]

  • 8870 CPU instruction set

    ​If you open an 8870 system cabinet you will find circuit boards or plates, and if you open these plates you won’t find a CPU chip (actually that’s not completely correct as Nixdorf loved the Z80 CPU and you find them in all their peripherals), but the main system CPU was actually bit-slice technology; meaning it […]