8870 Glossary

ALMEAsynchronous Line Multiplexer Extended. LFI 1819-xx (legacy PSP), 1882-xx (PSR)
BA80VDU that supports two windows (second window is assigned to a slave channel). Has a 15 pin V24 and several SAS connections (one used for keyboard)
BASICPrimary programming language for the 8870. TAMOS and many of the system utilities are written in BASIC
CDHLarge hard-disk type unit found on the M45. These are 132 MB formatted
DAP4VDU. Has three SAS ports (one required for keyboard).
DIABLODisk drive used on the 8870/M10. 5 MB formatted capacity. Also called a HAWK drive. (Short movie here)
DSPDisk Services Processor – Tool to allow direct manipulation of disk blocks, memory and their contents. Also has a dis-assembler
ECCError Correcting Controller. 2515-xx was an ECC
FBBusy Flip-Flop
FDFloppy Disk. Both 5 1/4 and 8 1/2 drives were available as optional extras on all models.
LFIRefers to a part number plate stamped or stuck on all hardware components. Consists of a 4 + 2 part number and an 8 digit unique serial number
LKSCard Punch
LMVGRead and Compare
LSLPaper Tape Reader
LSSPaper Tape Punch
MDMedium Duty (used in printer model numbers. ie. MD07)
NDNormal Duty (used in printer model numbers ie. ND11)
ND04SAS dot-matrix printer 132 column
ND11SAS dot-matrix printer 132 column (faster version of the ND04)
NIROSNixdorf Interactive Real-time Operating System
PLC/PLC2Programmable Line Controller. Available as a single or dual channel variant.
PSPParallel Periphery Interface. (Legacy)
RALRandom Access Load
SASSerial Workplace Interface. A serial data connection method for interconnecting different devices. Can also supply a limited amount of power.
SMCStreaming Mode Cassette/Cartridge. Primary backup method of the M15/M25/Q40/Q80 models along with others.
SMDStorage Module Device. 5 platter disk packs used on the M55/M65 along with others. 33 MB or 66MB unformatted.
WTFraming Pulse
ZDHeavy Duty
ZD09SAS high speed, heavy duty dot-matrix printer
ZDVLine Printer DMA Feature

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