8890 Mainframe DAP4 Datasheet

This is a help card for a DAP4 with an 1526-nn CPU installed for connection to an 8890 mainframe.

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  1. Pam avatar

    I remember that somewhere in 1980 Nixdorf was trying to build a mainframe, the 8890. A collegue of mine worked on this project. It was not a succes as far as I can remember.
    It was also difficult to compete with IBM, which controlled the mainframe market. Even companies like DEC and Unisys couldn’t compete. I remember in the 1980s that IBM spent more money per year on research than the second largest computer systems vendor had in revenue.


    1. joe.farr@gmail.com avatar

      Nixdorf did sell several 8890’s in the UK. Adidas, Grundig and FortVale engineering all had one I think. I went on a short training course and the big selling point was the cluster controllers. Apparently the competition had to wire their cluster controllers with expensive coax cable, where as Nixdorf’s controllers used much cheaper cable and they were also plug compatible with the IBM ones so in theory IBM users could use the Nixdorf variant. I don’t know how true this is, or if any IBM customers actually bought Nixdorf equipment; I assume not as I can’t imagine IBM being very happy with their customers if they did.

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