Started the site rebuild

On Saturday I started the re-build process for this website. I had a couple of hairy moments where I thought I’d managed to brick not only this site, but my other site;, which is hosted by the same people. I wanted to copy my HobbyElectronics site structure as it contains lots of things it’s taken me ages to figure out and get “almost” right, onto this site as a base. Of course once the copy completed this site looked exactly like HobbyElectronics, so I proceeded to hack the site around to give it it’s new identity, only to find that somehow I’d been hacking around the wrong site. I ended up in a right mess where neither site would work and I admit to feeling a certain amount of panic for a few minutes. Thank heavens that my hosting package with Hostinger contains automatic daily backups. It was a simple job to restore HobbyElectronics back to working condition and then to proceed with a lot more caution.

On the plus side I now know exactly how to restore a site should I break it, and I also know that the backup and restore process works perfectly. So not all bad. And in the end I didn’t lose anything except a couple of hours

Anyway, I’ve now started the process of bringing over the content from the original site. To be honest, the original site was a mess and there was a lot of content that was difficult or impossible to find, so I’m taking the opportunity to do things a bit differently. It’s going to take some time as I have to add content when I have time, but I’ve made a good start. All the 8870 related documentation I have is now available.

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