• 1562-04

    DAP4x CPU 1562-04 Specifications I’ve not actually had the chance to examine one of these boards in person so the specification information has been taken from the picture. I’m hoping to get better images at some point in the future.

  • 1528-05

    DAP4 CPU 1528-05 Specifications

  • 1528-03

    DAP4 CPU 1528-03 Specifications

  • 1528-01

    DAP4 CPU 1528-01 Specifications

  • 8870 Technical Data Card

    This looks like some type of technical reference data card for the 8870. The downloadable .ZIP file contains all six images at full size.

  • BASF 6138 Mini Disk Drive

    I’m not sure why this datasheet is in my collection, but I assume it’s because I stumbled across this drive in something, so since I took the trouble in 2015 to find and download it, I’ve added it here. If I eventually find out “why” I had it, I’ll update this entry.