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  • 8870 Glossary

    Term Description AG Output ALME Asynchronous Line Multiplexer Extended. LFI 1819-xx (legacy PSP), 1882-xx (PSR) BA80 VDU that supports two windows (second window is assigned to a slave channel). Has a 15 pin V24 and several SAS connections (one used for keyboard) BASIC Primary programming language for the 8870. TAMOS and many of the system […]

  • Entering DAP4 keyboard parameters

    If the terminal is old, there’s a good chance the lithium backup battery has failed and the NVR (non volatile RAM) will have lost it’s settings that dictates the communication interface speed – without this parameter the VDU cannot load it’s workstation program from the host computer, so the DAP4 will just sit there and […]

  • DAP4

    The DAP4 was probably one of the most popular of the VDUs that were connected to the 8870/Quattro machine. It had an inbuilt smudge grill guard on the front that can be be easily removed on the later version of the case; put your finger nails between the light grey and the dark grey frame […]

  • DAP4 VDU processor board

    The above is a 1528-01 DAP4 VDU processor board with 16K of RAM. I’ve highlighted the main sections of interest. I’ve currently no actual Nixdorf technical information relating to the 1528-0x DAP4 CPU, but what I’ve been able to figure out is here. The DAP4 was in service for quite some time, and was used […]