Category: Documentation

  • MC14411 Datasheet

    The MC14411 is a bit rate generator IC and is used as the master clock rate generator within the 1882-00 and 1882-01 ALME

  • 2114 Datasheet

    The 2114 SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chip is a 1024 word x 4 bit memory. Four of these memories are found inside the DAP4 CPU boards (1528-xx) configured as 2Kb x 8 bits and used for the video display buffer. SRAM is useful as it doesn’t require a constant refresh signal from the CPU,…

  • Nixdorf Product Range

    A small catalogue that details the Nixdorf product range – no date unfortunately.

  • NIROS 5.1/05

    The NIROS manuals contain details of all operating system updates since the previous manual; including updates to BASIC, and details of new or updated hardware. Once something has been described it will not usually be covered again in subsequent manuals unless a relevant change has been made, so to get a complete picture of the…